Lake Pukaki – April 2015 – Photo by Miles Florentine

Love Away is based in France & organize your Destination Wedding and Elopement. 

We are here to help you create your travel plans, to organize and coordinate your wedding day and to make sure that you marriage is legalized by the French authorities.

In love with nature and travels, I am ready to help you plan your destination wedding. 

“To those who are dreaming of adventures, of wide landscapes and destination weddings ! Together, we can make your dream comes true. 

Make a holiday out of your wedding day ! A unique adventure – just like the love you are about to tie.”

Let your imagination run wild, there are no limits.”

“And for you wishing to have an extraordinary experience on their wedding day, we suggest that you look into the adventure wedding section…

A wonderful bespoke experience combining wedding and adventure.” 

Destination Wedding

Congratulations, you’re getting married ! 

You only need to choose your Destination. 

Whether it’s a country dear to you, the place where you met or a country where you’ve never step a foot, 

you’ll choose it with your heart as you’ll create together a new chapter to your story there. 

That is the magic of destination wedding. 

New Zealand
Wanaka & Roys peak sont des lieux propices pour un mariage ou même un adventure wedding inoubliable dans les montagnes de la Nouvelle-zélande

Roys Peak, New-Zealand – November 2018 – Photo by Quentin Frémont

Se marier au coucher du soleil en Écosse, un mariage de destination splendide

Gorebridge, Scotland – January 2019 – Photo by Julie Frémont

Le lac Baïkal gelé de Russie est un endroit magique pour un mariage, un elopement ou un adventure wedding en hiver

Baïkal Lake, Russia – March 2017 – Photo by Julie Frémont

My promises to you


Team work is SUPER important !Un travail d’équipe réussi est le garant d’une belle journée remplie d’émotions. C’est encore plus vrai lorsque l’on décide de se marier à l’étranger.


A trustworthy relationship is the key as well as communication. Together we’ll work as a team with one and only goal : making sure that your day is as we have planned. We’ll work hand by hand so your wedding is entirely yours. 


I am ready to help you plan your destination wedding, to guide you through your ideas (but also to show you new ones), and to organise a unique wedding day. 


Publication du shooting photo, elopement en Écosse sur le blog Un Beau Jour