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Mt. Sefton – April 2015 – Photo by Miles F.

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December 2018 – Photo by Lena Sabala 

Julie Frémont

Destination Wedding Planner


It started with an Idea : getting married differently. Make a holiday out of your wedding day !

Love Away is for those, who are dreaming of adventures.

It’s for lovers who have a crazy idea but don’t know how to make it happen, for these couples who love travelling and discovering new parts of our World.

It’s for these persons, that don’t fit into the mould & are dreaming of a unique Wedding day.



I love wide-open landscapes, travelling and the snow. I’ve decided to get into the world of Weddings when I came back from travelling.  

Before that, I got an English degree at university which helped me a lot when I was abroad. Then, I followed a training « Wedding Planner » course in Paris at the Wedding School (L’École du Mariage) and then the Workshop « Destination Wedding ». It made my dreams come true ! Now, I’ve got all the keys to be the destination wedding planner you need and to make sure that it’s legalized by the French government.

So, I’ve decided to work with three very different countries. I’ve had the chance to discover them and to fall in love with.

First of all : New-Zealand, with its breathtaking landscapes, its amazing beauty and its air being so fresh and clean.

Then : Scotland with its mystery, cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

To finish : Russia with its huge unknown territories. Its off-the-beaten-track atmosphere promises remarkable weddings.

« When I was travelling, I spent hours, thinking, discovering and planning, I learned that whatever happens there is always a solution (if not, there was no problem) and there are no mistakes, only opportunities. »
« At the end, everything works out. »


The Wedding world is full of beautiful stories & encounters. Lots of wedding vendors go out of their way to give their best and most extraordinary work so your day reflects the love you both share. They make sure this special day seals your love in the most beautiful way. 

I am the planner you want to organize this occasion. I want to be the one that plans all the details of this day – Your Day – so you have nothing else to do other than relax and enjoy every minute of your special day with your partner.


You got it – I love travelling, discovering new countries & going hiking in the mountains (even though, I don’t have much time theses days).

I like to challenge myself and feeling this moment 3 days before I leave, when I start thinking “why did I do that?”. One day, my fiancé and I decided we wanted to see a “real” winter. You know, the one you see in the movies, the one you read so much about, with its endless snowy landscapes. So, we left for 4 months in Russia from December to April. We got it … Our “real” winter ! 😉

Last fact … I like … I mean, I LOVE animals and particularly dogs (if it’s cocker spaniel, that’s it ! I’m melting!). 😍

« Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life » Confucius

certifié école du mariage en France et workshop destination wedding