Baïkal Lake, Russia – March 2017 – Photo by Julie Frémont


“When you take the Tran-Siberian train – this famous railway crossing the country both ways from Moscow to Vladivostok : timetables are given Moscow time. Be careful, when getting on or off the train in another city, time is changing (9 time zones) but your train will always stay at Moscow time.” 😉

A country with various landscapes

Russia is still a little known country even though it’s the largest country of the World. Everybody knows where it is but only a few get to know about the culture, language and places to visit. It has such a rich and strong culture and so many stunning spots to discover.

With such a wide country, there are places for every taste. You can travel through the transsibérien railway crossing the country from Moscow to Vladivostok in about 8 days and 8 nights, discover Siberia with husky dogs or enjoy splendid views over the world’s largest supply of freshwater : the Baïkal Lake.

For the more adventurous minds, you can discover Russia in winter. Once you’ve put your warmest clothes on, you’ll be able to explore the stunning spots of an area with unlimited number of myths and legends : Siberia.

You need to get off the beaten track to go to Russia, to have that little bit of adventure in you but getting married there is sure to be unforgettable.

Ready for an Adventure Wedding

Do you want to go to Russia ? 

Here are a few places to look into : 

  • The Bolchoï theater, the Red Square & Moscow
  • Oklhon 
  • Baïkal Lake & Listvianka
  • St Petersburg and its surroundings
  • Novossibirsk, the Siberian Capital
  • Irkoutsk
  • Kamtchatka & its volcanos


As a French citizen, you need to have a visa to travel to Russia.