Gorebridge, Scotland – January 2019 – Photo by Julie Frémont


“You will need to drive on the left side in Scotland if you want to rent a car over there. But you don’t need an international driving licence, the french one works.”

A green and mystery area

Scotland is an historically and culturally very rich area of the United Kingdom with many legends and myths.

Its landscapes are stunning and spectacular. Choosing this country as you destination for your wedding will take you to the discovery of lochs in the highland, to the historical streets of Edinburgh and to its gorgeous mountains and hills. 

Having your destination wedding in Scotland will allow you to get a cosy and warm atmosphere. 

You only need an hour flight to go to Edinburgh from Paris. It is a good choice for nature lovers wanting an elopement or a destination wedding. As soon as you arrive in Edinburgh and see the cobbled streets, you’ll fell far from home. Choosing Scotland as your destination will take you to the Highlands and its famous lochs. You’ll be lucky enough to hear the bagpipes in the street or on your wedding day. 

Why not following some Scottish traditions ? You can choose to eat some haggis as your wedding meal, toast to this marriage with Scottish whisky or wear the traditional outfit – the kilt. 

Do you want to go to Scotland ? 

Here are a few places to look into if you wish to get married in Scotland : 

  • Isle of Skye
  • Fort William
  • Loch Lomond
  • Loch Ness
  • Ben Navis
  • Highlands…

As a french citizen, you don’t need a visa or a permit to travel in this area. Nevertheless, don’t forget to bring your European Health Insurance card.