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We hear a lot about a new word : elopement. What is it really ? 

Originally, the definition of an elopement is pretty simple : running away in order to get married. But why couples choose to elope? 


Elopement photo shoot, Edinburgh, Scotland | Lena Sabala


Nowadays, I do think that the definition of elopement evolved. When a couple chooses to elope, it’s mostly because they want to enjoy their wedding day the most they can. Maybe it’s a (selfish) wish to only think about themselves on this very special day. Nowadays people worry too much about guests, traditions, and what you should traditionally do. Choosing to elope, is choosing to focus on this special moment : exchanging vows.

What matters the most is the commitment you are about to make.

Eloping isn’t just about running away. It’s taking this time to get married, to commit to each other. Choosing to elope, it’s getting out of your comfort zone et say goodbye to the traditions that don’t fit you.” 

What about guests ?

Nothing stops you from throwing a party with your closest family and friends when you’re back home. You could also watch your wedding video with all of them. It’s the perfect way to show them what you’ve been up to, and to explain why you chose to elope. Who knows, maybe you’ll show the way to futur bride & groom ? 😉 

Regarding people who don’t get why you did it, remember that you cannot please everybody. Each person has his own views of how should be a wedding day. What matters the most is that you got the day you wanted. They might regret not being there for a couple of years, but trust me, if you choose a wedding that don’t fit you, you’re going to regret it for far more than a couple of years…

Remember that your wedding is about you and the love of your life ! Nobody else. 

Also … at the end everything works out. They will get over it 😉 


5 reasons to elope 

1 – To enjoy your day

Well, isn’t it what matters ? Having the day you want and no regrets ? So if you wish to elope, don’t hesitate a second ! 

As you choose to elope, you won’t have any guests or just a very few (usually it’s only the witnesses). You’ll be able to enjoy each other and the few persons that you choose to have by your side on your wedding day.

What a better way to enjoy your elopement this day than hiring a wedding planner. he will take care of all the planning and the unforeseen events. Yes, an elopement is a wedding, so surprises can happen 😉 

2 – To fulfill one of your dreams

shooting d'inspiration en Écosse

Elopement in Scotland | Photo credit : Lena Sabala

Enjoy this world of limitless possibilities! You can choose to celebrate this day with the hike of your dreams or get yourselves the best relaxing day ever.

Why don’t you choose to go off-the-beaten track and to have an adventure wedding ? It’s the perfect way to fulfill this dream !

A destination wedding planner will know how to guide you. He will give you all the options you have. He will suggest ideas according to your wishes and to your budget. And finally he will inform you about what’s possible and what isn’t. 

3 – To go on the other side of the world 

What’s amazing about an elopement, is that it’s so easy to go wherever you want. You can choose any country you’ve alway wanted to go.

Your wedding day deserve your wildest dream. 

So go ahead and imagine the wedding day you’ve always dreamt of.

Why not have you ceremony on top of a mountain, on a glacier or at the exact spot where you met many years ago? Feel free to go wherever you want ! 

4 – Having 100 or 2 guests, is definitely NOT the same budget ..

Obviously, if you have no guests, you’ll have a bigger budget for yourself.

Why don’t you use this money to have fun. A wedding planner will make sure to stick to that budget and he will find the elopement vendors according to your needs. 

We all know that time is precious and the one that is spent to make us happy is even more valuable. Hiring a destination wedding planner is a time saving trick. Can you imagine everything you could be doing with all this planning and getting ready time? Enjoying precious moments with your loved ones, your kids, your family or your friends … 


Lake Baïkal,  Russia | Julie Frémont

5 – Planning an elopement

Obviously, planning an elopement is pretty different than planning a regular local wedding. If you don’t have any guests, you might want to plan activities to do on your wedding day (helicopter ride for exemple …).

A wedding planner will plan your wedding day. He will be there for you when you have questions. Your wedding planner will make sure that your wedding day is the way you planned it. He will also suggest ideas according to your budget and your destination country

Your wedding planner will find the right vendors for your elopement. If you want to get married on a glacier, he will look for a photograph and officiant willing to put crampons on and who are not afraid of hiking. 

He will advice you regarding the date of your travels for your elopement. If you wish to have snow in August, New Zealand will be your dream destination. You could even ski ! 

Finally, your wedding planner will guide you through the administrative procedures to officially legalize your marriage by the French government. 

What do you think ? Are you ready to elope ? 

Love Away wedding planner nouvelle-zélande russie écosse destination wedding

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Love Away wedding planner nouvelle-zélande russie écosse destination wedding

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