Memory of a starry night in New Zealand

Memory of New Zealand

A starry night


Today, I’m not going to talk about destination wedding, elopement or planning a wedding. I wanted to share a beautiful memory I have of my time in New Zealand. I think it’s the best memory I’ve got : it was a simple but priceless moment.

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My story takes place in a stunning and far away country called New Zealand. You can find incredibly beautiful images of New Zealand landscapes on the internet. When you look at these images, you often wonder if the photo was photoshopped. But you find out that it wasn’t. Reality is a hundred times prettier than these pictures you got see in movies.. 

And yet ! I wanted to share with you a memory when none of these landscapes can be seen. 

This particular night was one of the best I’ve ever spent. Two of my friends and I decided to go and camp in the mountains of the Southern Alps of New Zealand. So, we packed our backpacks with food, water and our cameras and started going up this Arthur’s Pass trail. We walked up to this mountain hut. The night was going down and as we climbed up the last slope, headlamp on, we could feel how good it would be to eat what we brought up there. But we didn’t know what was above our heads yet. The Milky Way is far too often hidden by clouds or light pollution. That night, it was there, but we had no idea yet. 

Once we ate and turned off our lights, we looked up and as our eyes adjusted to the darkness, we finally saw it : The Milky Way. It was incredibly pretty with so many twinkling stars. We could see satellites moving everywhere in this spectacular sky. Shooting stars sprung from all sides. It was the most beautiful show I ever saw. 


étoile nuit étoilé nouvelle zélande

Milky Way | New Zealand | Miles Florentine

A starry night

Nature was giving us the best present ever. It was precious and we felt very special getting see that. 

I remember this peaceful feeling I felt inside. It was so nice. It felt as if time was stopping for a moment to let us enjoy every second of this unforgettable moment. I will never forget what I felt that night. The more we looked at it, the more we saw these billions of stars everywhere. We felt so incredibly lucky. We could only look at what Nature was giving us, as breathtaking as it was. It was impossible to take our eyes off this beautiful sky. 

We have been so lucky to witness this incredible show. It seemed unique but actually, it’s up and running every single night. All we have to do is to look up.  


To Miles & Clay 


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The cover picture was taken in Arthur’s Pass, New Zealand | Miles Florentine

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