se marier dans les collines de l'écosse

Memory of Scotland

Memory of Scotland

The arrival

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Today, let’s highlight Scotland. I’m not going to tell you about destination wedding or elopements, but I will share a great memory of my time in one of UK’s area : Scotland. 

As you probably know already, I spent two summers as an auPair in a Scottish family. It was my first ever memory of travelling on my own. 

It was the first I was travelling alone, I was 19. My english was terrible at the time 😉 But I do think that this trip gave me the travel bug I have today. I’ve learned so much and met so many wonderful people. 

At the end, an auPair experience is all about trust. Very often, it’s the first trip you take on your own. You are going to live with a family for quite a time. You’ll get to trust them and you’ll be part of their family. It’s the same for them as well, they’ll need to trust you as you’re going to take care of the most precious thing of their world : their children. 

You’ll need a bit of courage to jump into this unknown that is travelling. I remember how nervous I was when I first got on that plane. Time was going so fast, I don’t remember much of the flight. But I do remember all theses questions I was asking myself. 

Let’s discover Scotland with my first memory there

I arrived at the Edinburgh airport, that’s where I first met them for real. They were waiting for me with their big smiles on. I was so lucky to have them as an auPair family. They taught me a lot. 

Once the first greetings were over, we jumped into the car and drove to their home. They live in such a beautiful house in the Scottish countryside. I’ve always dreamt of living in the countryside far away from all the hustle and bustle fo the city. Their house is surrounded by green hills and so many trees. It is such an amazing place. I felt lucky. When I arrived everything was ready, I had my room with such a beautiful Scottish view. I couldn’t wish for more. 

Se marier au coucher du soleil en Écosse, un mariage de destination splendide

Scotland | Julie Frémont

On that very first night, there were so many discoveries : a new way of life, a new culture, a new language and that feeling of adventure that started growing inside me… I’ve met generous people. They made sure that I felt right and thanks to them my first trip was fantastic. 

Discovering the english language

At the time, my understanding of english was very poor. I needed to get use to all this new vocabulary and to the Scottish accent of course. I didn’t understand much, but within a few days, I could already feel the difference. It’s unbelievable what total immersion into an english speaking context can do to you. It’s truly the best way to learn and when you actually get to do that, you should definitely jump into that opportunity. Travelling is a way of opening to the World.

I will never forget how difficult it was to leave. We created a unique bond I’ll never forget. 


To this Scottish family,

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The cover photo was taken in Scotland in January 2019 | Discover more photos

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