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Let’s discover New Zealand

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Tekapo, Destination Wedding in New Zealand and Aurora Australis


I was lucky enough to go to New Zealand for a whole year. After I graduated from university with my english degree, I’ve decided to go travelling on the other side of the world. It’s a very strange feeling when finally you step a foot in a country where you don’t know anybody.

So today, I wanted to share this experience with you because I found a piece of paradise, 20 000km from France. It’s a place where you feel that time has stopped, a place that I would love to share with the people I love the most

Let’s discover the Lake Tekapo …

It’s a unique place where every nights you can look up and see the stars and the Milky Way. The air is so pure and the sky is so clear. In fact, the color of the lake is a unique turquoise blue you’ll find nowhere else. When the rays of the sun reflects the blue of the lake, it’s absolutely magnificent ! I’ve learned later on that it’s caused by dust of rocks coming from the mountains close by, mixed to the water, it gives the lake this particular blue. 

As in many places across New Zealand, there are lots of hikes allowing you to discover this area, but it’s not the only reason why I stayed there several months. 

… and its stars !

aurora Tekapo James Nouvelle-Zélande

 Tekapo, New-Zealand | James Osland

The reason why many people come from all over the world to stay a few nights in Tekapo, is to get a chance to see the Aurora Australis and to look at the Milky Way.

In fact, in the northern hemisphere, you can have a chance to see the aurora borealis (northern lights) in some places such as Iceland, Finland or Sweden. In the Southern hemisphere, it’s the southern lights. An incredible experience awaits the most lucky ones. It feels that the horizon is rising up as if you discover an entire planet far away. You can see colorful rays of lights at the horizon and you wonder if everybody see what you’re looking at. There isn’t enough words to describe how incredibly beautiful it is.

It’s absolutely stunning. 


In fact, it’s a protected area: a dark sky reserve where light pollution is kept to a minimum so you can enjoy this beautiful setting. It’s called the Aoraki Mackenzie dark sky reserve and includes the village of Tekapo and the Aoraki Mt Cook National Park.

Mont Cook (3724m) is the highest mountain in New Zealand.

Destination Wedding in New Zealand

“Can you actually imagine looking at this incredible night show on your travels and why not, on your wedding day ? Also let’s think about the stunning wedding pictures you could get. The Tekapo area is full of surprises.” 

5 activities for your Adventure Wedding in Tekapo

  • Relax in the hot springs 
  • Discover the turquoise colors of the lake on horseback 
  • Gaze at the Milky Way on top of Mount John (and why not, at an aurora australis ?)
  • Discover the area on a helicopter tour
  • For the bravest ones, take the longest t-bar lift of the world 
Tekapo, Nouvelle-Zélande | Julie Frémont

Tekapo, New Zealand | Julie Frémont

There is something for every taste in New Zealand. Whether you want to go on a road trip across the stunning landscapes of New Zealand, take a hike on the Great Walks (for nature lovers) or go on an adventure wedding for the bravest one of you ! 


To do so contact a Wedding Planner specialized with destination wedding and expert of New Zealand. He will take care of all the planning and the logistic part of your wedding. 

What about the administrative procedures ? 

What is amazing with destination weddings, is that, it’s possible to legalize your wedding in your destination country. You can actually have your official ceremony on the shore of the Tekapo lake, on top of a mountain or on a beach if you want to. Then you’ll get to read on your official marriage papers : “married in Tekapo”. How great is that ? 🙂 

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Love Away wedding planner nouvelle-zélande russie écosse destination wedding

The two southern lights photo are from James Osland, Thank you so much !

Julie Frémont

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