shooting d'inspiration en Écosse

Photo Shoot in Scotland

Edinburgh – the 30th of December, 2018

Photo shoot in Scotland

Edinburgh is a lovely city with cobbled streets and historical monuments. It was such a delight to take a walk listening to the lovely sound of the bagpipes. We felt very far from home.

We chose to have this photo shoot close to New Year’s Eve. The streets of Edinburgh are filled of Christmas music and everybody seems happy to be part of this special night that Scottish people call Hogmanay (the last day of the year). 

You’ve probably heard about the Scottish weather being so dreadful, but it wasn’t true at all – we stayed a week in Scotland and didn’t see any drop of rain. Anyway weather was clear on this 30th of December. The sky was full of grey clouds giving a mysterious atmosphere to the city.

Edinburgh is filled with lovely spots to take good wedding pictures but we wanted a more intimate place. So we walked up to Arthur’s Seat, the splendid hill of Edinburgh. This place was chosen because of its outstanding views overlooking the city and because of its legendary ruins.


Why did you choose to do this photo shoot in Scotland ?

Scotland is a lovely area of the United-Kingdom. Even though it’s very close from France (only 1h30 flight from Paris), the culture is very different. Scottish people are very welcoming. It’s also the perfect place for nature lovers and intimate weddings.

We wished to give brides and grooms a glimpse of an elopement in Scotland. In a destination wedding, the country is part of the theme and decoration. In the end, you don’t need much to have an uncommon wedding day.

Arthur’s Seat, in Edinburgh was chosen because of its outstanding views overlooking the city. We wanted a mysterious atmosphere for this photo shoot. 


The Team

Wedding Planner : Love Away  –

Photographers : Lena Sabala et Patrick  – @lenasabala & @patzaarour

Stationery : Callyane – @callyane

Wedding dress : Unbridaled Boutique – @unbridaledb

Suit and coat  : Christie Stewart – @stewartchristie_co

Hair : Owsiankahair – @owsiankahair

Jewelry: Revivify – @revivify_2018 Modèles : Agnieszka et Allan

Make-Up and Flowers : DIY


We were lucky enough to have this photo shoot published by the wedding blog Un Beau Jour.

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Julie Frémont

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