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Why heading to Russia for your destination wedding ?


Last week was all about New Zealand. So today, I wanted to focus on a very different country. 

Why should you choose Russia for your destination wedding ? 

What brought me to suggest this country for an elopement or an adventure wedding ? 

Russia is probably not the most visited country I guess. Couples choosing to get married in Russia have a link with the country.
But when I discovered this country during my 4 months travels, I’ve told myself : why not! Why don’t I suggest this particular destination for an elopement or an adventure wedding ? Russia is a fascinating destination.

1- Stunning landscapes

In such a big country, there are many kinds of landscapes. For those of you that like the bustle of the city, Russian buildings are sumptuous and are very different from what we are used to in France. You can get lost in the vastness of a city such as Moscow.  

But for those of you in love with nature and wide open landscapes, Siberia feels endless. I’ve talked about the lake Baïkal in many of my previous article, but it’s definitely a must see.

Russia is also a country with a lot of variations. There is a reason why we say : a Siberian cold. During our travels, I’ve witnessed very cold temperatures that nearly reached minus 40° degrees. You’d better have appropriate gears. But don’t get me wrong, that’s what I wanted. I wanted to witness a real and cold winter. It was amazing to have snow everyday. And believe me, I didn’t get bored. I was even nostalgic when spring came up. So to everyone dreaming of a snowy wedding day, here is the country to go 😉 

Ekaterinburg, Russia | Julie Frémont

2- A very different culture

As soon as you step a foot in Russia, it’s a very different culture that awaits you. We have lots of clichés about this country. When you travel, you need to be open-minded. If you don’t want to learn how people live, what is their culture and what they have to teach you, what’s the point of even travelling? 

When we started heading to Siberia (it took time, we were going by train), we met more and more people. We found people eager to know more about us. They wanted to share, and to learn about our culture and why we’ve been travelling. They’ve been asking lots of questions and it was so rewarding to be able to learn and to share with all of them. We’ve met generous persons so happy to show us around.

Travel anecdote: We visited the lovely city of Kazan. When we arrived to this city, we met a young man in the train. He guided us for two days and showed us around what we needed to see. He taught us a lot. Even though it was really cold (-36°C), our stay would not have been the same without him. I’ve learned to let myself be carried along by our different meetings. 

3- Adventures

Russia has a lot to offer to those willing to go off-the-beaten track, to the bravest that want to face the cold of the winter. But what you’ll live, we’ll be truly unique. There are so many things to do in such a big country, so many cities and places to visit.

Ideas of activities in winter in Russia

  1. Spend an afternoon in a Russian Banya (steam bath)
  2. Go dog sledging in Siberia
  3. Go ice skating in open-air parks
  4. Discover an ice park

What about Love Away ? 

Russia often fells like an unattainable country because of how big it is and everything we can read about. In reality, it’s totally possible to travel over there.

julie frémont sur le lac baikal en russie

Lake Baïkal, Russia | March 2017

Of course, I will not hide to you that you need to have a taste for adventures to go to Siberia and discover small Russian villages. But it’s worth it. 

With Love Away, I wanted to make it possible to go to some countries we feel too far or too difficult to reach. I’ve chosen Russia because I’ve been there and travel over there. As a destination wedding planner, I felt that I could advice couples about this little known country. About the Russian language, even if I can read it and understand a bit of it, I’m lucky enough to have a fiancé that speaks fluently Russian 😉 

Russia has a lot to offer. An elopement or an adventure wedding is sure to be unforgettable. Don’t worry I will be with you the whole way through the planning and the wedding day 🙂 

Love Away wedding planner nouvelle-zélande russie écosse destination wedding

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Love Away wedding planner nouvelle-zélande russie écosse destination wedding

The cover picture was taken on the shore of the Lake Baïkal in Russia in 2017 | Discover more photos

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