Écosse : un moulin célèbre d'écosse le lieu parfait pour un elopement

Scotland and destination wedding

Dream about a destination wedding in Scotland

Love Away wedding planner nouvelle-zélande russie écosse destination wedding

Why heading to Scotland for your destination wedding

The last two weeks were all about New Zealand and Russia, so today it’s time to talk about a not so far country : Scotland

What do you think of a destination wedding lost in a castle in the Highlands ? Or an elopement on the shore of a mysterious Scottish loch ? 

shooting photo elopement en écosse

Elopement photo in shoot in Edinburgh, Scotland | Lena Sabala Photography

1. A cosy and mysterious atmosphere 

We have in mind all these images of Scottish castles, wide open landscapes and incredible lochs. The Scottish history is filled with stories of tales and legends. And we often saw in movies or read in books about these wonderful landscapes Scotland is filled with. When watching a movie set in Scotland you can feel this cosy and “fireplace” atmosphere. 

That’s what a destination wedding is all about : a warm and welcoming atmosphere for you and your guest to enjoy. 

You can hear the sound of the bagpipes in the city of Edinburgh giving such a great atmosphere to the city. 

I was lucky enough to live four months in Scotland with a family that showed me so much about Scotland. We visited many stunning places and beautiful castles. Thanks to them, I got to know the stunning beauty of the highlands. 

2. A close destination

Compared to the two other destinations I suggest you, Scotland is very close 😉 . It’s a 1h30 flight to go from Paris to Edinburgh. It’s close but very different. You’ll feel very far away when you first step a foot there.

If you feel like it (or you afraid of airplanes), you can also go by car or train. 

By the way if you decide to drive in Scotland, you don’t need to have an international driving licence. Your French driving licence works perfectly well. 

Another important information : there is no toll roads in Scotland 😉 

3. Welcoming people 

As I’ve already said, I was lucky enough to discover Scotland with wonderful people. I realized how welcoming and generous Scottish people are. They are always so happy to have a good chat with you. 

Why not have small bottles of Scottish whisky as small gifts for your guests ?

elopement en écosse arthur's seat edimbourg

Elopement photo shoot in Scotland | Lena Sabala Photography

What about Love Away ? 

You could also use the country as a theme for your wedding. Why not use some Scottish customs ? 

  • Eat some haggis
  • Wear a kilt
  • Play the bagpipes

You could also get married on an island. There are so many of them in Scotland.

When I created Love Away, I wanted to make it possible and reachable to get married in some countries. Getting married in Scotland is really possible! You could also officially legalize your marriage in Scotland. You won’t need to go to the city hall in France, your marriage will be official. You’ll be able to transcribe this wedding on your family record book. Don’t worry, I will be there guiding you all the way !

With Love Away, I organize your destination wedding, elopement or adventure wedding. I will advice you about everything, from the place you can held your wedding to the vendors you can hire… 

Love Away wedding planner nouvelle-zélande russie écosse destination wedding

Love Away plans your destination wedding all around the World.

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Love Away wedding planner nouvelle-zélande russie écosse destination wedding

The cover picture was taken in Scotland in 2019  | Discover more photos

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