New Zealand – January 2015 – Photo by Miles Florentine


You can adjust our packages of services to your needs and wishes.


An elopement is an intimate wedding just the two of you or surrounded by a few guests. 

It’s a wedding where you can go wherever you want. It could be on the other side of the world or on top of a mountain. Choices are endless. 

An elopement is a stress-free wedding day

Let's elope !
shooting photo elopement en écosse

Edinburgh, Scotland – December 2018 – Photo by Lena Sabala


Having a destination wedding is getting married surrounded by your families and loved ones. Why not suggest a three-days wedding ? So you have enough time to spend with every guest

Now, what’s your destination

That's me !
Une belle route pour un elopement ou un mariage de destination dans la région de Mont Cook

New Zealand – January 2015 – Photo by Miles Florentine


For adventurous couples wishing an off-the-beaten track wedding day.

Let’s give a bit of adventure to your elopement. Let’s go off-the-beaten track. 

Say Yes to the love of your life at the top of mountain, under the southern light of New Zealand or after the most rewarding hike. 

What about you ? What’s your next adventure ?

Let's go !
Lac Baïkal

Baïkal lake, Russia – March 2017 – Photo by Julie Frémont