Adventure wedding

Baïkal Lake, Russie – March 2017 – Photo by Julie Frémont


Let’s go for a unique and extraordinary experience on the other side of the World !

Dream Adventure Wedding ! 

There is no real definition of an Adventure Wedding.

In my opinion, it’s the idea to do something that you always dreamt of or to challenge yourselves. You can choose to do it just the two of you or with your witnesses and loved ones. Seal your love in the most extraordinary way.

You might choose to tie the knot on top of a volcano or to go for your first flight on a hot air ballon after you said “Yes!“. Some of you will go on a train journey across Russia via the Trans-Siberian – this famous railway going from Moscow to Vladivostok.

There are no actual rules. You are the key starting your adventure.


When sharing unique experiences, bonds are created quicker and will last forever.

Make the most of this wedding day sharing extraordinary moments together.


Why not go on a few days hike in a National Park, choose to do a first helicopter flight in New-Zealand or climb a mountain … 

Options are endless.

You are free to choose what will be your Adventure wedding


However, we are here to guide you through your wedding project and through the administrative procedures of your marriage


The Adventure wedding is an option for your elopement or destination wedding. Let’s make your dream real.

Want to know more ?




Preparation of your adventure project 


Consulting regarding your destination and the adventure wedding 


Selection of your adventure – what’s going to make this wedding, a unique experience


Finding the providers you need for an adventure wedding


Regular meetings


Creation of a detailed planning


After wedding meeting



(combined with elopement package or destination wedding package) 

+ 300€



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Let's Go !