Destination wedding

Baïkal Lake, Russia – March 2017 – Photo by Julie Frémont


We speak of destination wedding when it’s celebrated in another country than the one you are living in.

It can be the country you’ve met, a place that you particularly love or even a land you haven’t step a foot on.

But what is certain is that, this country will be the first page of your newlywed story. 

That’s why, it seemed important to officially legalize your marriage by the French state in that country.

I will guide you though the administrative procedures to make sure that you can read on your marriage licence the exact place you celebrated you wedding.

You can choose to have your destination wedding wherever you want, in New Zealand, Scotland, Islande … Anywhere. Discover info about planning a destination wedding in New Zealand


You could also spend a three day weekend with your family and friends.

Let’s create happy memories with your closest loved ones and share your love for travels. 

voeux shooting d'inspiration en Écosse
Edinburgh, Scotland – December 2018 – Photo by Lena Sabala

Creation of your wedding project

Consulting regarding your destination country and wedding

Control over the marriage administrative procedure in France and in your destination country

Documents “wedding procedures” are been sent to you + pre-paid envelops + Instructions

Finding the wedding providers you need + re-reading of your contracts

Creation of you detailed documents

Destination Wedding Planning + Bill-book + Planning Wedding day + logistic & schedule

Management of friends and family surprises

Wedding Planner on your wedding day

Flights and hotels for your Wedding planner are included

After wedding meeting


Price : Our prices are for information only and are not contractual

(On request for every other destination) 

New Zealand : 4200€

Scotland : 2900€

Let's Go !