Why choosing New Zealand as a destination wedding ?

Why choosing New Zealand as a destination wedding ?

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Let’s discover New Zealand


I’ve chosen to work in three very different countries to offer you the possibility to have your off-the-beaten track destination wedding you dream of : Russia, Scotland and of course New Zealand.

Today, I wanted to explain this choice and I’m going to focus on one country : New Zealand. Why should you choose New Zealand as your destination wedding country ? Why should you head to the other end of the world to get married ?

I wanted to let you discover or rediscover this country that I love. That’s why I will focus on 3 points that marked my adventure in kiwi land

1 – Let’s talk about work

Tekapo, New Zealand | Julie Frémont

Indeed, I was lucky enough to discover this land for an entire year. I’ve learnt so much about the New Zealand culture, another way of working. It’s very different from what I was used to. I’ve learnt that work isn’t the ultimate priority (of course it’s a necessity, and when you love what you do it’s even better), but personal life, it’s as important as professionnel life. 

In France (what I’ve seen, it’s not always like that, but most of the time it is), we care too much about how long you spent working than about the actual tasks you’ve done. It feels so much cleverer to look at what you’ve done than how long you’ve been at work. Some people say : “there is always something to do”. It’s true, you can always find work to do, but you also need to take care of yourself and of your personal life. Both are important. You need to find the right balance between them two. 

In New Zealand, people think differently. It feels more relax and I’ve learn to let it go. A good friend told me once : At the end, everything works out ! 

2 – Environment-friendly

There are so many things to discover in this beautiful country. Once you’ve step a foot over there, you’d be amazed how pur is the air and how clear is the sky. There is a real respect for nature and for the environment, and an amazing work is done to protect species.

Indeed, the Department Of Conservation (D.O.C.) is doing a great job preserving this nature and the great animals living in it. They take care of many things including informing and advising hikers. 

That’s not all of it, they maintain tracks in a safe state. There are lots of information centers all around the country. You can find necessary information before any hikes (weather forecast, difficulty of the hike, track condition and any information you need). 

3- Breathtaking landscapes

We often see stunning images of New Zealand landscapes. You can also see it in movies such as the Lord of the Rings. Very often, we wonder if the photo is for real or if it’s a trick. But I can confirm that this is reality ! And when you see it for real, it’s even prettier. 

By the way, I’ve written another article specifically about a place in New Zealand I spent months discovering : Lake Tekapo ! It’s a stunning area where you can be lucky enough to see the southern lightsIf you want to know more 🙂 

Tekapo, Nouvelle-Zélande | Julie Frémont

Tekapo, New Zealand | Julie Frémont

What about Love Away ? 

When I created Love Away, I wanted to help couples realize their dream wedding day. If you want to get married at the other end of the world, it’s possible and you should be able to it even though you don’t like to plan events or you don’t speak english. I am here to help you achieve this dream and to help you discover this piece of paradise

So, with Love Away, you’ll be able to have your elopement, destination wedding or even adventure wedding that you wish for in New Zealand.

By becoming a destination wedding planner, I wanted to share with you everything that’ve learnt and everything I’m about to learn. We will create your wedding plan so it’s the way you want according to your wishes and budget. I will take care of the organisation part, contacting the vendors and coordinating the wedding day so you have nothing else to do than enjoy your day. 

And guess what ? You can also officially legalize your marriage in New Zealand ? Isn’t it amazing ?  😉 



Love Away wedding planner nouvelle-zélande russie écosse destination wedding

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Love Away wedding planner nouvelle-zélande russie écosse destination wedding

The cover picture was taken in Tekapo, New Zealand | Discover more photos

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