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Destination Wedding Planner

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Let’s answer some of your questions 🙂 


Today I wanted to talk about the destination wedding planner job. They organise and plan your destination wedding wherever you want to get married. Even though, more and more couples choose to have a destination wedding and to hire a wedding planner, this job rises a lot of questions. Here are the few questions, people ask me the most 🙂 Fell free to tell me if you have any other questions that come to your mind.


What are the differences between a destination wedding planner and a local wedding planner ? 

If you decide to get married abroad, there will be more planning to do regarding the logistic part compared to a regular local wedding. We often say that the country is a guest and as a guest, he will come with its share of surprises. In that case, it’s important to be able to rely on someone that know the country very well. Your wedding planner will know what to do and how to do it. 

A wedding planner expert in your destination country will know what to suggest you and what are the possibilities for your wedding according to your wishes. He will give you crucial informations about the country, the time and places. He will be there on your wedding day making sure that everything is in order so you can enjoy your day. 


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How do I choose my wedding planner ? 

Whether it is for a local wedding or a destination wedding, the first thing to do is to trust your feelings.

You are going to rely on this person for your wedding day, a highly emotive moment. You should trust him (or her) and feel comfortable with him. You’re going to spend a lot of time talking together. You will share such an important moment with him Make sure that he knows what are your wishes for this day. 


Don’t be afraid of asking any question you want.


Why do I need a destination wedding planner ? 

Hiring a destination wedding planner it’s the guarantee of having someone that knows the country at your wedding. He will know how everything works so everybody can enjoy his day.

Your wedding planner is developing his network in your destination country. He will know trustworthy suppliers you can rely on for your day. He will also know how to handle everything.


We’d like to elope. We won’t have any guest (or just a few), why would I need a wedding planner ?

Congratulations ! Elopements are so much fun. Intimate weddings are amazing, you can choose such an epic place for your ceremony!

You choose the elopement option. Yes! you’ll have less guests (or not at all) but it’s a wedding nevertheless.

You’ll have suppliers on your wedding day (photograph, video maker, hair dresser …) and maybe unexpected surprises. They will all be part of your wedding day. Having the right suppliers, it’s the guarantee of a great day. Even when choosing to elope, the country will be a guest.

A destination wedding planner will be there to make sure everything goes right and that all the “surprises” are taking care of. 

Of course, your planner will help you through the legal procedures making sure that you marriage is officially legalized by the state. 

New Zealand, Julie Frémont

New Zealand | Julie Frémont

What are you talking about when saying “legal procedures” for a destination wedding ? 

When two persons choose to get married in France, they have to go to the city hall to sign all the papers so to legalize the wedding.

When choosing a destination wedding, some couples choose to get married in France at the city hall and then to have an informal ceremony in their destination country.

I wanted more than that. It’s possible to get married officially in your destination country. I wanted people to have their full destination wedding. I wanted them to read on their official papers the exact spot and date of their wedding.

If you decide to get married in New Zealand : you’ll be happy to read : “Married in Tekapo, New Zealand” for example. 


This piece of paper is the everlasting proof of your destination wedding.


To do so, you’ll need to contact the french embassy in your destination country. But don’t worry, your wedding planner will be there for you. He will guide you through the procedures in France and abroad whether you choose a destination wedding, an elopement or an adventure wedding.
You’ll receive all the details and documents to fill up by post with the prepaid envelops. Isn’t it amazing ? 🙂  

The steps to legalize you marriage varie if you are divorced, if you have children or if you were born outside the Europe … A destination wedding planner will know what to do and will answer all your questions. 

Love Away wedding planner nouvelle-zélande russie écosse destination wedding


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